You have the right to be transgender. You don’t have the right to expose yourself to women, by Dennis Prager


How many examples could we give to show what a sick world the left activists, the media and the Democrats – the political party of the left – have forged? The number equals the number of policies they advocate.

There is no more obvious example than their stance on displaying a penis in front of girls and women.

No problem – with the possible exception of police funding as murders increase and biological males participate in female sports – better reveal the moral and rational decline of an individual or institution. If someone dear to you is defending a person’s right to display their penis in front of a group of girls and women, my thoughts are with you. It is very painful to lose respect for a loved one.

During the very lifetime of the youngest person reading this column, exposing the male organ to strangers, especially women and girls, was considered sick and criminal. The men who did so were arrested and charged with indecent assault, and rightly so. In the space of a few years, thanks to the schools where people still send their children, and thanks to the media that people still watch, listen to and read, exposing one’s penis must be considered a healthy and not only legal but a basic civil right. .

A few weeks ago, at a spa in Los Angeles, a biological man walked into a women’s locker room completely naked. Needless to say, girls and women were shocked to see this man naked, but thanks to progressive politicians in California, if a man says he is a woman, that individual can make it to any place until there reserved for women.

Women’s colleges, for example, must accept anyone who claims to be a woman. But to show how intellectually dishonest progressives and women’s colleges are, if a student at a women’s college decides that she is male, she is allowed to remain a student there. Either they don’t believe that a girl passing to a man is really a man, or they no longer believe that they are a university for women.

A Los Angeles Times editorial defending the right of a biological man to expose his penis to girls and women illustrates the intellectual and moral state of the left.

Take, for example, this sentence from the editorial:

“There is no doubt that Wi Spa has done the right thing in defending the right of a transgender client to be naked in the female area, although the sight of male-appearing genitals was puzzling. at least one customer, who complained to reception. ”

Note how the Los Angeles Times describes a penis: “male-appearing genitals” not “male genitalia.”

Regarding the discomfort of one of the girls or women at the spa, the Times editorial simply dismissed it: “No one has the absolute right to feel comfortable all the time.” However, that is not the position of the Los Angeles Times or the rest of the left regarding transgender people. The left insists that trans people have the absolute right to feel comfortable all the time.

But they don’t. A man who identifies as a woman while retaining male genitals may have a legal right, but not a moral right, to display those genitals in front of women.

A man who identifies as a man and exposes himself to a woman, let alone a group of women and girls, is found ill and arrested. But, according to the left, a man who says he’s a woman and does the exact same thing – with the exact same disturbing effect on women, let alone girls – must be given universal support. In fact, however, this individual is the apotheosis of narcissism. And he’s still a man: As one woman pointed out to me, the fact that he behaves like this is demonstrative proof that he’s still a man (one with an exhibitionist streak). Women don’t expose themselves like that.

Meanwhile, members of Antifa, America’s closest thing to the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth), attacked the woman who led the protest against Wi Spa.

This is the state of America and the West in 2021.

When a man’s right – whether or not he identifies as a woman – to expose his penis to girls outweighs society’s obligation to protect girls’ innocence and decency of most women, we have reached a new low.

For those who believe that humanity is moving inexorably in a moral direction, the left’s attacks on Western culture, Western standards, free speech, objective truth, and Judeo-Christian values ​​should serve as a disturbing wake-up call. .

Dennis Prager is a nationally broadcast radio talk show host and columnist. His latest book, published by Regnery in May 2019, is “The Rational Bible,” a commentary on the Book of Genesis. His film, “No Safe Spaces”, was released to the home entertainment world on September 15, 2020. He is the founder of Prager University and can be contacted at

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