nudge theory, as we know, is a concept that offers indirect suggestions as a means of influencing the behavior and decision-making of individuals or groups. As positive reinforcers, nudging contrasts with other means of achieving compliance, such as education, mandates, or legislation. Inspired by behavioral economics, nudge is more generallyRead More →

– Dissident Voice / Cartoon Movemen WHAT are the western values? We often hear a representative of a Western country praising its Western values. In a 2017 statement, the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, articulated Canadian values ​​as “openness, compassion, equality and inclusion”. Considering the psychological torture that JulianRead More →

The lesson we must learn from what happened in Afghanistan is that peace and security are not possible without respect for women’s rights and human rights. Sima Samar, head of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, March 31, 2015, in his office in Kabul, Afghanistan. (AP Photo / Massoud Hossaini)Read More →

Nigerian public opinion is intensely homophobic. In 2014, the Nigerian National Assembly passed – then President Goodluck Jonathan signed – a law against homosexual activity as draconian as Uganda’s, better known. At a time of intense polarization along religious and ethnic lines in Nigeria, legislation had near universal support. InRead More →

Through PTI NEW YORK: An Indian-born ophthalmologist, previously accused of healthcare fraud, has been charged with fraudulently obtaining nearly $ 630,000 in government-guaranteed loans to help small businesses during the pandemic of COVID-19 while on bail. Ameet Goyal, 57, of Rye, NY, was charged in November 2019 with healthcare fraud,Read More →

Related practices and jurisdictions Borrowers for variable rate commercial loans generally enter into interest rate hedging arrangements to eliminate or reduce their exposure to interest rate risk from their variable debt service obligations. While much recent comment has been devoted to changes, waivers, and defaults on commercial mortgages and otherRead More →