Smoky sky, below normal temperatures remain


The only problem remains the hazy, smoky skies as the direction currents remain favorable, bringing smoke from the fires in the western and northwestern Pacific near the region for about the next day. The times are great! And it should stay that way for the next few days before we see the pattern change and bring more heat and humidity to the area this weekend. We may face Heat Index advisories again as those readings break the 105 range this weekend. Before that happens, things will remain relatively cool and mellow with early morning lows in the 60s and daytime highs in the mid-80s. We could hit the 90s low on Thursday and return above seasonal norms on Friday. until the weekend.

The high pressure ridge is currently removed to our west with a strong trough positioned across the Great Lakes from NE of the United States to SE of Canada. The top airflow between these two characteristics will come from the north or northwest for the next 36 to 48 hours. A weak wave will approach the area today and could trigger a few light showers over the extreme eastern OK or western Arkansas, but the probability will remain extremely low for most of the area.

Summits today

On Thursday weekend our upper airflow becomes more zonal (west to east) and should allow ridge formation near the state this weekend. Previously, a weak wave will bypass northeastern OK and southeastern Kansas from Thursday to Friday and could pull enough moisture for a few showers or storms. As stated yesterday, this chance will remain low. I had a 20% pop for Thursday night, but I’m going to make a last second call to continue or cut back before airtime today.

Rain outlook

By the weekend, morning lows will return to the mid-1970s and afternoon highs will reach the mid-1990s. Heat index values ​​are expected to reach the 105-108 range. and would more than likely trigger some heat advisories for part of northeastern OK. South to southwest wind gusts of 15 to 25 mph will be expected.

Maximum heat index

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