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The Sanpete County Fair will feature singer-songwriter Ned LeDoux in concert on Wednesday, August 25 at the Sanpete County Fairgrounds, 500 N. Main, Manti. The concert will start at 7 p.m. Ticket prices range from $ 20 to $ 30, and tickets can be purchased at

LeDoux’s opening will be country music singer Charley Jenkins.

LeDoux began chasing his dream of a musical career from a young age, and although he grew up in the shadow of his legendary father Chris LeDoux, he managed to forge his own path. “If I can be half the man he was, I think everything will be fine,” he says with an easy-going smile, “but when it comes to writing songs, I have to write my own story. I played drums for years and had my first band when I was in college. I continued to play drums with my father from 1998 until his death in 2005, then I started doing solo concerts.

Like his father’s music, LeDoux’s works are as vast as the western sky he was raised under and celebrate the ranch lifestyle that is an integral part of his heritage.

There is an authenticity in his songs that brings our country’s beloved Western culture to life, even for listeners who have never ventured to the Great Plains.

“I’m proud to carry on the tradition and a lot of the songs I write are going to tie into songs my dad wrote and recorded because I lived the same life,” said LeDoux. “I was born and raised on a ranch my family still owns outside of Kaycee, Wyoming. It was my life and it is reflected in the songs I write. I think back to when I was working on a ranch and hanging out with my grandfather who taught me to drive a tractor, work cows and dream.

LeDoux is highly respected for his high-energy live shows that blend his Western roots with the rock and roll influences he acquired in his youth. He regularly covers his own shows and has won coveted opening slots with Toby Keith, Aaron Watson and Garth Brooks.

“We opened for Garth in Indianapolis last year and it was our first football stadium, which was crazy,” he said. “When people come to our shows and spend their hard earned money to buy a ticket, I don’t want to leave them disappointed. We are going to give you a show and ask for more. I’m always breathless and drenched when we’re done, but it’s so much fun!

Singer Charley Jenkins has deep country roots.

He grew up on a farm in eastern Utah where he learned to rope, ride horses and work hard. Life on Jenkins Farm revolved around cows, horses and, of course, the rodeo. “The country is who and what I am. It’s just natural for me to sing the songs that I love and identify with, ”Jenkins said.

In the summer of 2001, Jenkins loaded his truck with everything he owned and headed to Nashville, Tennessee. It didn’t take long for him to gain a foothold in the country music industry. Jenkins quickly worked on Music Row for a song-publishing company. It was here that Jenkins learned the “ins and outs” of country business. He has become a personal friend with a number of Nashville “greats”.

Jenkins’ career has grown tremendously as he has opened for many top 20 country headliners including LeAnn Rimes, Alan Jackson, Lonestar, Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Taylor Swift, Josh Turner and many others. Jenkins has performed country music for tens of thousands of people. He has an unusual ability to customize his show to suit the personality of any crowd.

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