Ortega: Scottsdale General Plan update moves forward


By Mayor David D. Ortega

I am proud of Scottsdale’s General Plan 2035.

On June 8, my board colleagues and I will be invited to formally adopt this document which begins:

“Scottsdale will continue to be an exceptional experience in the Sonoran Desert and a premier international destination, where our Western heritage is valued. Our diverse neighborhoods promote an exceptional quality of life, social connectivity, healthy lifestyles and a sustainable environment. Scottsdale will prosper by attracting and maintaining centers of business excellence that encourage innovation and prosperity. “

And that’s just the beginning.

After many public meetings, hundreds of hours of discussion, eight sessions of Council review and countless public commentary, together we developed our vision for Scottsdale.

“Scottsdale has a reputation for being an inclusive community, with the natural beauty of the desert, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, high quality design standards, a vibrant downtown, world-class events and resorts, and various artistic and cultural venues. ”

With the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance, we have enhanced our reputation as a community that values ​​and respects each other.

“Scottsdale offers a variety of multigenerational lifestyle choices that are responsibly planned, connected and supported by the right infrastructure and services. Neighborhood life promotes well-being and public safety thanks to reliable municipal services.

And in the face of adversity, Scottsdale has courageously stood up to the challenges of the pandemic, in accordance with our unified vision.

“Scottsdale will continue to thrive by supporting existing small businesses and fostering a supportive business environment, so that all businesses can grow and choose to locate in Scottsdale to take advantage of technology; and accelerate innovation and creativity, supported by a knowledge-based workforce. “

Scottsdale’s core values ​​embrace the past as we move into the future.

“Scottsdale will respect and be sensitive to the history and heritage found in the heart of the Old Town, in designated historic preservation districts, in archaeological sites, in the equestrian community, and in the cultural and architectural resources, which define our sense of belonging.

These Highlights are segments of the community-wide effort that created Scottsdale’s New Master Plan, which guides Scottsdale’s physical development and serves as a model for raising the aspirations of our community. Every voter in Scottsdale will ultimately have the most important role when the plan goes to a ballot in November.

It is impossible to thank each one individually for their tireless efforts and to recognize each staff member who gathered our collective voices, but I will say it here – thank you to everyone who has contributed to this most important effort.

This is our plan for our city. Together we are Scottsdale, Arizona – the one and only in the world.

Editor’s Note: David D. Ortega is the Mayor of Scottsdale.

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