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AFTER a six-month period, Nutrien Livestock’s monthly in-store livestock sales returned to the Muchea Livestock Center enthusiastically last week to record an outstanding result on the eve of another fiscal year.

Nutrien’s breeding team stocked 986 local and pastoral yearling and weaned steers and heifers which sold to dynamic breeders and feeders for an overall average of $ 1,400, reflecting the continued strength of the market. State store cattle and quality traits of local and pastoral cattle presented for sale.

Local beef cattle came mainly from the farming regions of the north and surrounding areas of Gingin, while pastoral herds came from the regions of Gascoyne, Pilbara, Goldfields and Central Midlands.

A number of state lot producers and South West and Wheatbelt breeders have been battling and facing stiff competition from online shoppers.

The sale was again interfaced to AuctionsPlus with three buyers from WA joining a New South Wales account to successfully acquire livestock online.

AuctionsPlus attracted 33 registered bidders connected locally and from NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, resulting in 165 online auctions placed on 35 pens with 16 successfully purchased online.

In summary, locally raised British breed weaned steers averaged 580 cents per kilogram and corresponding weaned heifers averaged 549c / kg.

In the pastoral section, Droughtmaster weaned steers averaged 458c / kg and heifers averaged 470c / kg with the Shorthorn types averaged 363c / kg.

The sale started with a decent number of local beef steers with the top price of $ 1,902 per section head paid for the second offered paddock containing six Red Angus steers weighing 366 kg from Howatharra Grazing, Howatharra.

Steers were purchased by Rob Gibbings, Elders Capel, for 520c / kg on behalf of a southern feeder order.

The second highest price of $ 1901 at 450 c / kg was paid by a Wheatbelt batch distributor operating on AuctionsPlus for six Angus steers weighing an average of 423 kg offered by LW Bookham & Co, Piawaning.

Dean Ryan, Central Stockcare, buying for an Eastern Wheatbelt feeder order paid $ 1892 at 546c / kg for the following pen of seven Angus steers weighing 346 kg from the Bookham project.

Nutrien Livestock AuctionsPlus Evaluator and Sales Coordinator Simon Green (left) and Maverick de Burgh, Bullsbrook spoke before the cattle sale at Nutrien Livestock store in Muchea.

A WA processor operating online obtained several blanks of medium weight oxen by paying $ 1854 at 560c / kg for 17 Red Angus oxen weighing 331 kg also from Howatharra Grazing,

Greg Neaves, Nutrien Livestock, Gingin, representing a Central Wheatbelt buyer paid $ 1783 at 562c / kg for 11 Angus steers weighing an average of 317kg donated by Mt Samuel, Mingenew.

The volume seller in the beef section FL & MJ Dewar, Guilderton, topped liveweight values ​​with a pen of their four lighter Angus steers weighing 176kg knocked down to Ben Kealy, Nutrien Livestock, Williams, for an order of local shepherd at a cost of $ 1156.

Mr Kealy continued to pay the best liveweight values ​​for his lighter steer selections, including 644c / kg and 638c / kg for two lines of 21 Dewar Angus steers each averaging 220kg and 221kg to cost 1,418 and 1,410 respectively. $ and 618c / kg for five Angus steers weighing 236kg from the Mount Samuel project.

Kevin Armstrong, Willowbank, Benger also paid higher prices per liveweight for his steers, including 614c / kg for 21 Angus steers averaging 257kg to return Tebco Fishing, Dongara, $ 1579.

Butcher’s heifers eclipsed their male counterparts for the highest selling price of $ 1985 with five mixed heifers weighing an average of 369 kg offered by WM & SL Cail, Gingin, sold to Mr. Armstrong for 538 c / kg au name of a command.

The second highest price of $ 1778 at 504c / kg was paid by the Wheatbelt online buyer for seven Red Angus heifers weighing 353 kg from Howatharra Grazing with a large line of 32 heifers weighing an average of 322 kg also of this seller, snatched by Mr. Armstrong at $ 1688 and 524c / kg for an order.

Mr. Armstrong also paid $ 1,644 at 540c / kg for a line of 16 Angus heifers weighing 304 kg of the Mt Samuel tow and $ 1,626 at 540c / kg for 22 Angus heifers weighing 301 kg offered by Tebco Fishing.

Mr. Kealy also appreciated the Angus heifers of the Dewar family who pay the best liveweight price for his selections, including 628c / kg for 37 heifers weighing an average of 220kg at a cost of $ 1384 and 622c / kg for 24 heifers weighing 217kg for a cost of $ 1349.

Ty Miller, Nutrien Livestock, Wickepin, bought several feeder / rearing cattle lines for a local order and paid 606c / kg for eight Dewar Angus heifers weighing an average of 179 kg at a cost of $ 1087.

The number of pastoral steers was limited compared to heifers with prices exceeding $ 1921 for 22 Droughtmaster steers weighing 423 kg offered by Robbro Pty Ltd, Gingin, which were sold to NSW online buyer for 454 c / kg, one of the four lines of pastoral steers heading east.

A Southwestern feeder operating online paid the following highest price of $ 1,848 at 420c / kg for two steers weighing 440kg and $ 1,812 at 442c / kg for four steers averaging 410kg, both from the project Robbro Droughtmaster.

Len Hamersley (left), Busselton and Craig Walker, Nutrien Livestock, Mid West and Wheatbelt, examined the yard at the Nutrien Livestock store cattle sale in Muchea last week.

Len Hamersley (left), Busselton and Craig Walker, Nutrien Livestock, Mid West and Wheatbelt, examined the yard at the Nutrien Livestock store cattle sale in Muchea last week.

Badgingarra grazier C Harvey & Co Shorthorn steers exceeded pastoral steer liveweight values ​​at 510c / kg for a single Shorthorn steer weighing 220kg costing Mr. Neaves $ 1,122 for his Wheatbelt order while Allen Bentham, Delaney Livestock Services, paid the second highest price of 500c / kg at $ 1,100 for two steers also weighing 220 kg.

Mr Bentham had previously paid 494c / kg for two Droughtmaster steers weighing 280kg at a cost of $ 1383 donated by BW & AE Garrett, Irwin, while Caris Park Grazing Company, Pinjarra, offered 490c / kg for 23 Droughtmaster steers weighing on average 318kg, returning Haseley Stud, Carnarvon, $ 1556.

The match ended with a large number of pastoral heifers with a pair of Droughtmaster heifers weighing 438kg from the Garrett Family Sale Project with a value of $ 1,750 for NSW at 400c / kg.

Craig Walker, Nutrien Livestock, Mid West and Wheatbelt, secured the opening three lines of Haseley Stud’s Droughtmaster heifer section paying $ 1,668 at 472c / kg for six heifers averaging 353kg and the highest price of the live weight of 560c / kg for a line of 22 heifers averaging 263 kg at a cost of $ 1471.

Mr. Ryan paid the next highest price of $ 1,380 at 410 c / kg for a trio of Garrett Droughmaster heifers weighing 337 kg.

Several buyers took the opportunity to stock up on several milkings of pastoral heifers.

Mr. Bookham secured nine heifer pens by paying $ 1,294 at 394c / kg for three Droughtmaster heifers weighing 328 kg from the Garrett Project.

Mr. Miller filled the truck with seven heifer pens paying $ 1134 at 408 c / kg for 10 Droughtmaster heifers weighing an average of 278 kg donated by one of the biggest selling vendors Davies River Pastoral Partnership, Noreena Downs station, Newman .

Adam Becker, ABL, purchased four heifer pens for an order from the Eastern Wheat Belt, including two Santa Gertrudis-Shorthorn heifer pens from the large draw donated by Kinclaven Pastoral Company, Rawlinna.

Summary of the sale:

Local beef: 450-656c / kg ($ 1156 -1902)

Local beef heifers: 406-628c / kg ($ 1078- $ 1985)

Pastoral steers: 380-510c / kg ($ 950- $ 1921)

Pastoral heifers: 334-560c / kg ($ 627- $ 1750)

What the agent said:

Simon Green, Level One Evaluator and Sales Coordinator for Nutrien Livestock AuctionsPlus, said Nutrien Livestock’s first in-store sale for the year in Muchea was a success for all sellers involved.

“The prices were well up from the commercial sales of the previous weeks,” he said.

“The sale interfaced with AuctionsPlus again and saw four successful buyers online.

“Buyers again commented on the quality of the livestock presented by Nutrien Livestock agents on the day of the sale.

“We are already feeling the flow of effects with 1,700 quality cattle already nominated for the next Nutrien Livestock store sale in Muchea on July 23, 2021.

“To nominate a candidate, please contact your Nutrien Livestock agent.”

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