I still wonder what lessons America will learn from this occupation


Mr. Editor,

The U.S. White House, the State Department, and to a lesser extent the mighty Pentagon have all had the devil’s thankless job in trying to strengthen, restore America’s superpower image in the face of oversight. Commander-in-Chief, President Biden, of the debacle. withdrawal from Afghanistan in recent days. The international channels of my television broadcast in real time, as well as the numerous videos from cell phones, show how the usually still powerful US military seemed crippled by a still disorganized and fragmented Taliban (militia). A Taliban now armed with American military equipment that China, Iran and even Russia would like to teach them.

While it will forever be an international embarrassment occasioned by Commander-in-Chief Biden’s withdrawal of 2,500 troops only to send some 7,000 troops back to Kabul airfield, like other thousands of interested spectators, I will never blame the US Army. It was Biden, perhaps heeding the blinded advisers, who brought about the ultimate tragedy of a withdrawal and evacuation so long contemplated. On Wednesday, the president – whose popularity has declined dramatically in credible polls – stuck with his original withdrawal date of August 31. Although I suspect that its military have made back-up plans to seek out willing Americans and Afghans still trapped behind enemy lines. Nonetheless, I continue to wonder what lessons America will learn from this embarrassing occupation.

I wrote this missive to underline two points (in conclusion). America’s pride and its secondary goal of nation-building moved them beyond the “welcome” they defined in Afghanistan. Yes, Western values ​​have thrived among a “free” people over the past two decades, but centuries – long tribal traditions have never completely disappeared as factions have kept them simmering but still alive. Second, as thousands of people attempt to flee the Taliban factions of a “government,” the world – friends and foes alike – have witnessed the American humiliation of an outing, occasioned by a president who is married to an outing. celebration of the twentieth anniversary of September 11 to “celebrate” its exit from Afghanistan. All of this is now wasted as the Taliban flag will fly over an abandoned US embassy in Kabul that day. I mourn this historic event in United States military history as I hope for the best for millions of Afghans who now contemplate their future. Having missed an all-time American airlift.


Allan arthur fenty

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