How companies can propel their business with Nudge, LinkedIn Way!

nudge theory, as we know, is a concept that offers indirect suggestions as a means of influencing the behavior and decision-making of individuals or groups. As positive reinforcers, nudging contrasts with other means of achieving compliance, such as education, mandates, or legislation.

Inspired by behavioral economics, nudge is more generally applied to influence behavior. An oft-cited example of a nudge is changing the placement of junk food in a store, so that fruit and other healthy options are located next to the cash register, while junk food is moved to another part of the store. .

So, to count as a boost, the intervention must be easy and too cheap to avoid. Nudges are not mandates. Placing fruit at eye level counts as a boost, banning junk food does not.

Leveraging Nudge to Grow

But designing a nudge framework to promote a desired habit requires imagination, creativity, and behavioral knowledge. LinkedIn, as the platform of choice for professionals, shows how the concept can be thoughtfully harnessed to promote business.

It is interesting and instructive to discern how it uses the power of nudge in its various notifications, to gently persuade professionals to stay hooked to the platform and deepen their engagement on it.

Let’s take a few examples:

# Use ‘Curiosity’ as a boost: When the notification arrives”See who viewed your profile.” it arouses the natural curiosity of the members. But there is a catch. If they want to see who sees them, they must be Premium members. It’s no longer free.

# Using “self-esteem” as a boost: The notification “Your profile receives visitsbuilds a member’s self-esteem. Feeling a sense of self worth and motivated by the positive hits, he engages more on the platform.

# Use “Suction” as a boost: The notification as “You have been found in so many searches”, “Build new relationships and unlock new opportunitiesencourages a professional to aspire more by expanding their networks.

# Using “sense of belonging” as a boost: “See how your relationships are in the newsis a notification that can create a feel-good factor and make members feel worthy and important. They may feel that they are not far behind and may also make headlines sooner or later.

Rise of LinkedIn

From invitations and messages, to jobs and opportunities, to news and articles, to deals, tips and event updates, LinkedIn helps professionals optimize their profile for the opportunities they are looking for. By making it easier to start meaningful conversations and share knowledge, it helps them become better at what they do and thus beautifies their professional side.

Indeed, with approximately 800 million registered members in 200 countries and territories, LinkedIn is now much more than just a resume and job search site. It has become a professional social media platform where business leaders and industry experts brainstorm, network with each other, build their personal brand and establish their thought leadership.

Way forward for LinkedIn, via Nudge again!

With its phenomenal reach among professionals, business leaders, industry captains, business leaders and thought leaders, now is the time for LinkedIn to leverage its vast network and innovate. , again using his nudge art creatively. LinkedIn 2.0 can contribute to linking also to a more useful and worthy cause and vision, aligned and responsive to the new challenges, expectations and aspirations of its stakeholders.

Here are some of the ways he can rethink his role and create greater impact:

#Promote posts related to values ​​of efficiency, commitment, integrity, inclusiveness, empathy, humanity.

#Promote posts related to global goals such as SDGs, climate change mitigation, disaster management

#Promote the activity related to develop a professional ecosystem in Tier II/III cities in developing and least developed countries.

All of this, no doubt, would require thoughtful designs of a boost. Yet, given the pace and manner with which LinkedIn has shaped itself over a decade, it is hoped that the platform will emerge as a social, commercial, human media force and a powerful voice on issues of global importance over time.

Written by Ram Krishna Sinha.

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