Hot and Dry Forecast for San Diego County Mountains and Deserts


On a warm morning, the sun rises in Encinitas.Reuters / Mike Break / File Photo

Hot, dry conditions were expected to continue this weekend from the hills of San Diego County to the mountains to the desert, but the coastal basins are expected to be softened by layers of sea and breeze. National Meteorological Service Mentionned.

On Saturday, the meteorological office issued excessive heat warnings in the valley until 9 p.m., and in the deserts and mountains of the county, excessive heat warnings were issued until 9 p.m. Sunday.

According to the NWS, extreme heat, low afternoon relative humidity of 10-15%, westerly winds of 20-30 mph, along desert slopes, through passes and in some desert areas it has It was predicted that the burning weather would be higher.

High temperatures in coastal areas on Saturday were expected to be 71 to 76 degrees Celsius, with nightly lows of 58 to 63 degrees Celsius. The highest values ​​in the western valleys are 81-86 and 90-95 in the hills, and the lowest values ​​at night are 59-67.

Mountain tops were to be 92-102 and night lows were to be 63-73. Desert highs are 116-121 and nighttime cyclones are 83-91.

Cyclones approaching the California coast on Monday are expected to help amplify land currents and push the cooling further inland through the first half of next week, forecasters say.

Cyclones and foggy patches are expected to follow coastal nights and mornings, according to the NWS, and humidity from Tropical Cyclone Dolores could spread high clouds over southern California on Tuesday. ..

Sunny and warm weather was expected in the second half of next week.

– City news service

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