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By Fong Yuen

After the promulgation of the National Security Law, cultural restrictions followed one another. Elementary school books wiped out the Republic of China, libraries released lists of banned books, RTHK took the lead in implementing political censorship of curricula, and even the expansion of school campuses was banned in because of a “no” from the director.

Predictably, the list of banned books will grow, political censorship will infiltrate book publishing and television production, and there will be no room for private newspapers and magazines to survive. Finally, with the encouragement to disparage other people, ordinary citizens can get into trouble even without saying a word.

At this point, Hong Kong culture is in a state of suffocation. From now on, only the clichés and stereotypes of patriotism will prevail.

National culture brings vitality to the nation. This is the soil in which the nation tree is deeply rooted. The soil of culture determines the people and the quality of the people cultivates the destiny of the nation.

The thousand years of closed and ossified culture are at the root of the long term weakness of the Chinese nation. The influx of Western culture at the end of the Qing Dynasty changed the way of life of the Chinese people, from the establishment of banks, post offices, girls’ schools and railroads to the shutdown of the port queues, ban removing private schools. With the total change in lifestyle, cultural change will follow from top to bottom; With the change of culture, Chinese people will receive a fresh look in their mind and appearance.

When the CCP took power, the culture changed again. The country has set up a public system for the appropriation and supply of the means of production. Feudal and bourgeois culture were under attack for some time, and the culture of proletarian dictatorship reached its peak during the Cultural Revolution. Traditional Chinese culture has been indiscriminately treated as reactionary scum, and Western culture has even been viewed as a poisonous weed to be plucked. The vast land of China has become the living Puritan prison of Mao Zedong.

At that time, China was an impenetrable iron house, in which the Chinese people lost their freedom and vitality to think and create. Of the country’s billion people, only old Mao used his brain, but it was only for fantasies and murders that plunged China into an “arctic freeze.” In his spare time, old Mao read ancient Chinese poems, wrote his own poetry, and practiced calligraphy, indulging in “feudal hobbies.” Obviously he was going against what he preached. However, the Chinese people couldn’t speak, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t think. The eight revolutionary operas were all but the same melody. Society was a dead city.

As for Deng Xiaoping’s opening up and reform, he started with culture. At that time, popular musical, film and television productions invaded the North. Later, when American fast food culture was introduced, Hollywood, Disney, and the NBA were widely distributed across the country. The Chinese learned to sing Christmas and birthday songs and to taste red wine with a steak. With the change in lifestyle, the cultural environment was alive and fragrant. Built on the basis of vigorous growth of social culture, the creativity of the Chinese people has exploded. They dared to think, speak and do, and the economy exploded. We can say that without the cultural openness of yesterday, there would not have been the economic growth of tomorrow.

Thanks to capitalism and the market economy, China is reborn. It was only when this passed into the hands of Xi Jinping that ended the strategy of hidden force and waiting time, and revived the authoritarian culture. The CCP believed that the economy was where its confidence lay. If the culture is not restricted, the advancement of the country with the withdrawal of the people would be hindered, and the CCP’s iron rule would be injured. Therefore, in recent years he has suppressed the culture. This time, the urgency and the power are reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution.

With Chinese culture back in the Iron House of the CCP, red revolution songs and loyalty dances, and reading Mao ideology lists are the trend, and Hong Kong is not up to the mark either. ‘shelter. The CCP is determined to make Hong Kong one of China’s many ordinary cities, subduing millions of Hong Kong elites, rejecting Hong Kong’s demand for democracy, and molding perfect obedient citizens under the CCP regime. To achieve this goal, we must first start with culture. Political censorship is followed by brainwashing education to eradicate Western influence and fabricate patriotism. In this way, the diverse and open culture has become a monster to be conquered. Traditional Hong Kong culture must be suppressed and replaced with declarations of allegiance, self-censorship, denunciation and struggle. He believed that with all of this things would be set and the nation would live on.

With cultural restrictions, the once vibrant Hong Kong society has come to an end. In more than a century of British rule, Hong Kong has never known cultural restrictions and the culture has been allowed to develop freely. At that time, there was even a popular tendency to “understand the motherland and take care of the society”. On October 1 and 10, the two sides had their respective celebrations which did not bother anyone. The left and the right each had their own room to exist. Literature and art, production and publishing, news and journalism were all at peace. It was the most prosperous time for Hong Kong culture. Several generations of citizens, nurtured with such openness and acceptance, were very creative in businesses and cultural endeavors. They were all children of Hong Kong’s colorful and diverse culture.

Today, the CCP’s suppression of Hong Kong began with culture, illustrating exactly how afraid the CCP is of its imperceptible power. In order to safeguard Hong Kong, Hong Kong people must first safeguard Hong Kong’s hereditary culture by fighting political means designed to stifle Hong Kong’s multiculturalism. Otherwise, Hong Kong culture will fade, followed by the suffocation of Hong Kong society.

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