‘Doing a great job:’ Moffat County Republican President weighs in on Boebert’s first months in office


Editor’s Note: This story is part of an ongoing series highlighting voters in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. Throughout the month of May, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, The Aspen Times, Steamboat Pilot & Today, Craig Press and Vail Daily will be running articles highlighting Democratic and Republican voters in our communities.

In just six months in office, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., Made numerous headlines and was the center of attention on numerous evening TV shows.

While some of the publicity may seem negative to outsiders, many residents of Moffat County – including Moffat County Republican Party Chairman Doug Winters – are happy with the work Boebert has done so far – and how it continues to represent the often overlooked western slope.

Moffat County Republican President Doug Winters says he’s pleased with the work MP Lauren Boebert has done so far. (Joshua Carney / Craig Press)

“I think she’s doing a great job,” Winters said. “I think she does what she said she was going to do, and I also understand that there are a lot of things – probably beyond her control – that she stands up for CD-3 and does what ‘she said she was going to do. In particular, she fights for the rights to water, the Constitution, the protection of our lands and tries to make our oil and gas industry and our energy industry work.

“These are the things, I think, that our community expects from them to make sure that we are protected and that we are heard,” Winters said.

Winters, a 20-year-registered Republican and longtime resident of Moffat County, was re-elected as party chairman in the county in February 2021. Outside of his role in the political landscape of Moffat County, Winters has a wide reach in Northwest Colorado as the 14th Judicial District Chief Investigator.

Father of two boys, Joey and Zach, and married to Chrissy, Winters is familiar with the political landscape of Northwest Colorado. Monitoring Boebert’s rise and its impact at the national and state levels, Winters hopes to see more of the popular representative’s voice.

“From us in our community, what we would like to see her do is continue to fight for our values, to fight for our rights here on the Western Slope, being that voice in Washington that we so desperately need here. in Colorado, ”Winters said. “I think as long as she keeps doing this, she will find success with it.”

Before Boebert won the CD-3 seat over former Congressman Scott Tipton and possible Democratic challenger Diane Mitsch-Bush, Winters said there was a bit of division within the county’s Republican Party. de Moffat regarding Boebert, but once she became the nominee, full support was thrown behind her.

“I would say there was a bit of division, honestly, but people loved his enthusiasm overall,” Winters said. “In the end, that’s what elected her. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of those people who were voting for the first time or not voting very often, she energized that base. That’s what finally got people to vote, and she had a strong message.

“People were tired of the same old routine that we have, and I think people were ready to see some kind of a change then,” Winters added. “It is delivered that way.”

Although Boebert has been busy since taking office, in terms of presenting bills and fighting for the West Slope, Winters says Boebert’s office has been very receptive to Moffat County and is working hard to bring in the MP. in town this summer.

“We want to give people some free time with her,” Winters said. “We also want to give those who may not be following her online or in the news to find out what she’s going to do.”

While Boebert touches many people on social media platforms, she is often confronted with controversy via Twitter with comments, discussions with other politicians, etc., but for Winters, it’s not something that bothers him or other Republicans in the community.

“I’m not on Twitter, but I know she has more of an online presence than our former congressman,” Winters said. “It’s a bit of a wave now; you can reach so many people on social media, and that is what she does rather than through conventional means. “

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