Countries must step up efforts to help India tackle second wave COVID-19: CEO of Deloitte


As India faces one of its worst public health crises, a high-profile Indo-American chief executive says it is time for other countries to step up efforts and help the country to deal with the COVID-19 situation. Deloitte CEO Punit Renjen said the company is encouraging its 3,000,000 professionals around the world to support three charities – GiveIndia, United Way India and the PM cares Fund.

“It’s India’s hour of need. India helped us as we passed through it in the western world. And it’s up to us to stand up, not only for the people who live in India, but for all of us, Renjen says PTI.

“This is a global crisis. If the virus is found in one environment and then mutates, it will impact everyone. No one is safe unless we are all safe. We are all safe. So we have to act. This is the right thing to do. It is also the right thing to do for each of us as business leaders, “he said.

Renjen’s mother who lives in Rohtak, Haryana has tested positive for COVID-19. “We are focusing on two things. First, taking care of our employees. 15 percent of Deloitte is in India. So taking care of our employees is very important, then giving back to India,” he said. declared.

Responding to a question, he said Deloitte’s strategy is to protect its employees and support those affected. Protecting its residents ranges from providing wellness support and vaccines to testing them, Renjen said, adding that six percent of Deloitte are affected by COVID-19.

Deloitte has created a support network for its workforce and their families in India, including covering the costs of vaccination and testing, establishing a 24/7 helpline for medical and wellness support , and offering flexible working hours and mental health services, he said.

“When it comes to giving back to India, I think we really need to do three things. First, we have to face the current situation. It’s really about oxygen and supplies. Second, we have to prepare for the next wave, because as we have seen in the United States, as we have seen elsewhere in the world, there will be multiple waves, this is how COVID is happening, has t -he declares.

“And then the third thing we need to do is tackle the medium to long term,” he said. The CEO said it was time for companies to invest in healthcare infrastructure. health.

“For many, many decades we have underinvested, and I think it’s time for us to invest. This is the way to approach it, he added. Deloitte, as a member of the Global Business Task Force, focuses on immediate aid to India The first set of 1,000 oxygen concentrators were recently delivered to India.

“We now have commitments from a number of companies for 25,000 oxygen concentrators,” he said, adding that all shipments are consigned to the Red Cross in partnership with the Ministry of Health. and that they allocate them transparently.

“We are also focusing on cryogenic containers for oxygen,” he said. Renjen said Deloitte is working with other companies to get essential medical supplies to India. What we also need to do is we need to stop the crisis in hospitals. We are close to announcing an innovative approach to expand the medical service, he said.

“As the head of AIIMS said, a large part of the population will have COVID and can be cared for at home with proper medical monitoring, like my mother,” Renjen said.

Other multinationals, he observed, are redoubling their efforts and doing the same things as Deloitte. Deloitte, he said, directly supports the United States Strategic Partnership Forum with India (USISPF) in its work with the Indian government. He provides pro-bono services to help the USISPF manage the orchestration tasks of this company.

In response to a question, Renjen said he was extremely impressed with the Biden administration’s efforts to help India. “The only thing the Biden administration has to recognize is that it will take time. I think we have to stay with India and the rest of the countries that are going through this situation, and provide them with assistance,” he said. he declared.

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