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A pervasive smell, comparable to the smell of rotten eggs, grips Sydney’s western suburbs, as local politicians call for the closure of a local recycling plant.

More than 600 complaints have been filed with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) by residents of Minchinbury, Mount Druitt, St Clair, Erskine Park, Horsley Park and Eastern Creek about the odor.

The EPA traced the scent to a Bingo Industries recycling plant in Eastern Creek and issued a cleanup advisory on April 23, after discovering that gaseous hydrogen sulfide – known as “gas of rotten eggs ”- formed in the landfill.

Locals flooded the Bingo Industries Facebook page with comments complaining about the smell and how it affected their lives.

“Close your view of the eastern cove [sic], the people of Minchinbury can’t take it anymore, “Taner Kucuk wrote,” You have an impact on people’s health and lifestyle. People wake up with headaches, asthma issues, and sore eyes from the toxic odor / particles released into the air from your Eastern Creek site.

“A disgusting smell in Minchinbury every night due to a proven investigation named Bingo Industries as the source. Just correct the problem as it affects many people in the area for a very long time.” Vesna Kutnjak also commented.

Mount Druitt Labor MP Edmond Atalla said the stench has been ‘on and off’ over the past year and is affecting the health and well-being of residents.

“The smell is inside their house, they can’t run anywhere, they can’t open the windows to let her out, it’s everywhere. I have had residents who said the smell was inside their house and woke them up at 2 a.m., and they couldn’t get back to sleep. It disrupted their whole life.

“If someone stands next to you and releases gas that has a bad smell, you will run away.” But they can’t run inside their house, or get out, the smell is everywhere.

“People tell me their property has gone downhill, nobody wants to buy their properties because Michinbury has been smelly.”

“These people are trapped by this smell.”

Atalla is requesting that the facility be shut down and that the EPA intervene with regulatory action.

“I am disappointed with the EPA, for some reason they are not taking any compliance action against Bingo.”

“We are asking the EPA to shut down Bingo, this is the only way to get stock. If you take the necessary action and shut them down, only then will they take serious action and deal with the problem. “

Chris Gordon, chief executive of Bingo Industries, said Bingo had identified two potential sources of odor in the landfill – the leachate riser and the waste pipe. He said the century-long rainy event in March had increased “the potential for odor production.”

“Bingo is fully aware of the impact that odors can have on local residents and the industry, and we apologize for any discomfort and inconvenience that may have been caused to local residents by the odor emissions emanating from our Eastern Creek landfill in recent weeks. “

“More importantly, however, we have installed a gas collection and management system to deal with the problem over the long term. “

“The system has already resulted in a significant improvement in odor emissions currently emanating from the site. These systems are commonly used in landfills in Australia and around the world for the treatment of odors from landfill gas emissions.

Gordon said the company had “acted quickly” and spent more than $ 1.5 million to fix the problem. He maintains that the measures taken were working and that the odor had been reduced.

“Odor readings across the region continue to show minimum odor readings, indicating that Bingo’s gas management system is functioning as intended. Complaints have decreased considerably since the installation of our gas collection and management system.

An EPA spokesperson said he was treating the issue as a “top priority.”

“EPA teams conduct regular and unannounced scent patrols around the landfill and the local community at different times of the day and night. Over 30 odor surveys have been conducted.

The spokesperson said Bingo installed a “gas and torch extraction system” in mid-May, which reportedly reduced the odor.

“Based on reports from the community and EPA patrols, these measures are already providing some relief to residents. We will continue our frequent scent patrols to verify the effectiveness of the measures taken to date and determine if further measures are needed. “

The EPA originally ordered the company to add one foot of soil across the entire landfill, place new limits on the waste it accepted, and charge it $ 577 for having to issue the notice. .

He also indicated that Bingo was still under investigation.

“The EPA is investigating potential violations of legislation and licensing requirements with a view to taking regulatory action, if necessary. Taking regulatory action, including imposing fines, requires collecting evidence that may need to be presented to a court, so this process takes time. “

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