A dream vacation of a different kind


If you fancy a rewarding vacation that allows you to explore in depth at your own pace, hit the road and retrace in the footsteps of the Warlu Dreamtime snake – a self-guided journey through Western Australia’s epic Pilbara region known as name of Warlu Way.

Spanning nearly 3,000 km, this adventure takes you back to a time of mystical dreaming, when the Warlu emerged from the sea and passed through the beating red heart of the outback before retreating to the coast.

To inspire thrill seekers and soul seekers, we’ve teamed up with Northwest Australia to showcase some of the best and most unique parts of this road trip.

Marvel at the huge open-air art gallery in Murujuga National Park

Visit the Burrup Peninsula – one of the richest sites in the world for prehistoric rock carvings – for an awe-inspiring experience and be amazed by the size and scale of Murujuga National Park. From human figures and birds to marine life and extinct creatures, Murujuga’s art provides a glimpse into an ancient world and captures at least 45,000 years of human existence.

Camera iconMurujuga National Park. Credit: C & J Maddock.

Admire the incredible colors of the Dampier Archipelago from the air

Take a helicopter ride with the HeliSpirit team and fly over a chain of 42 islands in the Dampier Archipelago, with picturesque white sand beaches amid the raw beauty of Pilbara’s rugged landscape.

The Dampier archipelago.
Camera iconThe Dampier archipelago. Credit: C & J Maddock.

Hiking, swimming and staying in Karijini

Located in the heart of the Pilbara region, Karijini National Park is Washington State’s second largest national park and will take you on a journey through two billion years of Earth’s natural history. With a breathtaking array of gigantic gorges and sparkling pools, this Pilbara gem is a must-see. To truly immerse yourself in it, be sure to stay at Karijini Eco Retreat for a glamping experience like no other.

Karijini National Park.
Camera iconKarijini National Park. Credit: C & J Maddock.

Stroll through Millstream Chichester National Park

While the Millstream Chichester National Park is regularly regarded as nearby Karijini’s little sister, the lush desert oasis covers an area of ​​almost 240,000 hectares and has much to offer visitors. The park surrounds part of the mighty Fortescue River and is an important cultural site for the Yindjibarndi and Ngarluma peoples, along with Millstream the home of the Warlu serpent.

Python pool.
Camera iconPython pool. Credit: C & J Maddock.

Explore the Cossack heritage buildings and beautiful beaches

Not far from Roebourne is the historic town of Cossack. Known to be the Northwest’s premier port for pastoral and pearl industries, Cossack is located at the mouth of the Harding River and is the perfect place for coffee or lunch. If you are traveling from mid-July to August, attend the annual art exhibit. There is also a heritage trail to explore.

Camera iconCossack. Credit: C & J Maddock.

Discover a number of hidden gems in Onslow

Between May and September, visit the Onslow Tourist Center and book the Onslow Hidden Gems Tour. This tour offers a comprehensive overview of the city’s history while taking you to a few quirky and interesting places along the way.

Visit of the hidden treasure in Onslow.
Camera iconVisit of the hidden treasure in Onslow. Credit: C & J Maddock.

The Warlu Way takes you nearly 3,000 km from the sapphire seas and offshore islands, to lush oases, soaring gorges, rugged chains and the ancient Aboriginal culture of Northwest Australia. To learn more and start planning your trip, visit the Warlu Way.

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