5 GA barbecue sauces to try this summer


Whether you love your ground, sliced ​​or pulled pork, or crave a good brisket, barbecue is best when paired with a delicious sauce. And in the Southeast, the sauce comes in a variety of styles. From smoky to sweet, spicy to sweet, vinegar to molasses, there are plenty of ways to give that punch of flavor to your barbecue.

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Here are five places you must run this summer if you enjoy your meat topped with a delicious sauce:

Fat Matt’s Rib Cabin

Address: 1811 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta


North Atlanta’s famous rib shack came back from a big kitchen fire four years ago, but it still serves its delicious pork and ribs with its tangy barbecue sauce on top. People come from miles around, and even across the country, to taste Fat Matt’s ribs and chicken, and they often come home with a bottle (or two) of the sauce the locals crave and to travelers more. You can even pick up a bottle or twelve from the restaurant’s website.

Heritage Market BBQ

Address: 2243 Akers Mill Road SE, Atlanta


This little joint near Truist Park, home of the Atlanta Braves, gives the barbecue a twist, adding an Asian flair to some of its dishes that draw people from all over to try. Heirloom makes all of their homemade sauces and has flavors as delicious as Hotlanta, a mustard-based sauce with a little spiciness, and colon sauce which is vinegar-based with a little pepper to give it a little spice. Many flock to the joint for Korean Sweet Heat to spread over spicy Korean pork, a unique flavor that makes your mouth water for lunch early in the day.

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Locations: Douglas, Jesup, Tifton, Waycross


Heading to Florida this July 4th season? You may want to host a small barbecue in South Georgia at one of the four Hog-N-Bones locations in Douglas, Jesup, Tifton, or Waycross. They’ll also serve breakfast, with pancakes, bacon, and all the fixins that make up a hearty meal, but be sure to also have a barbecue, with sauces such as their signature, hot, golden, and sweet flavor to pour. . your meat.

Pitt Boss barbecue

Address: 800, promenade Doug Davis, Hapeville


Not only is the pork, chicken thighs and brisket top notch, but what Pit Boss does with his chicken wings will have you wanting to come back for more. The smoked wings are available in traditional flavors, but you can also get them with a spicy barbecue that pairs perfectly with the grilled and roasted flavor of the wings to give a different taste than a lot of wings you can find. Of course, be sure to pour it over the pork as well, or heck, even drink it straight from the containers, it’s so good.

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Barbecue sauce

Address: 830 W Broad St, Athens


It’s right there in the name, so you know Saucehouse will tempt your taste buds with so many options of its homemade BBQ sauces. From smoky to sweet to spicy to sweet, Saucehouse takes you through all specters of barbecue sauces to satisfy your cravings. It even covers all styles, with nine varieties like East North Carolina Vinegar, West North Carolina Ketchup, Mustard Sauce, and White Alabama, a horseradish-based mayo. , to name a few. And if you’re feeling risky with your pulled pork, take out the very hot and sweet sauce to start your fire.


Ryne Dennis is Editor-in-Chief at the Athens Banner-Herald and High School Team Leader for Southeast Gannett. He spent many days at soccer games and with his face barbecuing. Connect with him at @RyneDennis or [email protected]

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